Investor Tips

Here are just a few simple tricks to save money when buying and selling real estate:

Title Company:  Not only should you shop title companies, you should ask for the investor discount.  Most title companies offer a 30% discounted rate to investors.  And sometimes, this rate can be extended to your buyer or seller also.

Inspections:  Many inspectors will offer investors an abbreviated inspection report.  This is a short-list or possibly even a verbal walk-through of the property.  If you're not looking for a formal report, then tell them you're an investor and ask for a discounted rate.

Home Depot and Lowes:  Always take your large orders ($1,000 or more) to the Pro Desk and ask for a discount.  Larger orders often qualify for additional discounts.

AZREIA:  Go to and consider signing up for this networking association.  Membership has its priveleges, including discounts, networking, and free education opportunities.

BiggerPockets:  Go to and sign-up for free.  Access financial calculators, podcasts, and one of the largest online networking groups available.